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An open heart is the portal to

the limitless wisdom within

Trinity Nina Nathoo, M.C.


Moving Meditation for Anxiety and Chronic Pain

Anxiety often disguises itself in the form of physical muscle tension and fatigue. This is due to increased stress placed on the human heart during emotionally stressful situations.


Unless one is spiralling out of control with persistent panic attacks, anxiety can go undiagnosed.

Multiple tests ordered by physicians will reveal no real physical cause for symptoms.

Or, the symptoms will be misdiagnosed as a physical ailment and treated inappropriately.

Are you currently experiencing any of the following?

Increased heart rate or heart palpitations, increased perspiration, tense or achy muscles, fatigue, high or low blood pressure, confusion, lack of concentration, memory loss, persistent headaches and stomach upset in the form of too much (butterflies and cramps) or too little bowel movement (stagnant or constricted) are all symptoms of anxiety that mask as physical problems. This can further debilitate a person through the lack of restorative sleep the body and mind so desperately need to productively function during the day.

Persistent worry about one's future can lead to debilitating anxiety.

Chronic resentment about past mistakes can also cause anxiety.

The purpose of meditation is to learn how to be present in the present moment, referred to as Mindfulness.

The present is the only moment that is actually in our control. Once our attention is guided back to the Now, everything becomes possible. 


If you are afraid of or opposed to quiet stillness and being in the present moment, then that is a likely indication that something in your current situation needs to change. Don't struggle alone. Call today for a free confidential session to discuss your concerns.

Join Trinity every Saturday at Beloved Healing Arts and Tuesday & Thursday at Modern & Mindful Meditation Studio in achieving a state of peace and calm through gentle movement and mindfulness, without the use of mind numbing and mostly ineffective anxiety and pain medications.

Open your heart and free yourself of emotional pain, renewing a long overdue sense of relief for your body, mind and soul.

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Classes start the week of March 18, 2019

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