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an open heart is the key to transformation

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Marion's Approach to Therapy

Marion’s approach to therapy is primarily grounded in theory from her advanced training in Existential-Humanistic Therapy. Other significant influences are from Emotion-Focused Therapy and the tools and techniques from somatic, cognitive-behavioural, and mindful therapies. Marion has practiced transcendental meditation for many years and mindfulness is an important aspect of the therapeutic experience you may anticipate with her.

STOP TO SMELL THE ROSES: You have heard this phrase but sometimes it is not so easy to do in our stressful, busy, media-filled lives. It requires a concerted effort—an intention to do so. The ability to experience the present moment requires retraining the brain to focus on NOW rather than being preoccupied with the future or fixating on things which have already happened. When we are caught up in these ruminations, we may feel as though we are simply going through the motions while life is passing us by. A part of us is disengaged and this can be disconcerting and uncomfortable.

When our lives and behaviour are out of sync from the truer intentions of a deeper self, our body responds with anxiety. Anxiety is our flight-fight system and its purpose is to alert us to danger. If we do not listen and continue to motor through our lives, the price we pay often involves ill health, both mentally and physically. If you are feeling disconnected from the part of yourself which generates a sense of feeling alive, this is your body’s way of telling you to listen. It’s time to take time to connect with your inner wisdom and listen with your heart. Often we are focused outward for answers when they are truly anchored within the fiber of a unique individual being with beliefs, values, experiences, dreams, aspirations, talents, etc.

Therapy with Marion offers an opportunity to dig deep and uncover the concerns which may be interfering with your ability to live life fully and experience joy and contentment. Therapy provides a means of interacting with that part of ourselves which is capable of identifying our dilemmas, exploring our intentions, and then choosing a direction for us for us to move in. The reality is that with choice comes with responsibility. We may have to relinquish other choices or people may be hurt when our choices impact them. As a result, making choices can be difficult. However, when connected to our deepest selves, we may find the courage and determination to take actions in the direction that we have yet to discover. As we are guided by our deeper selves, values, and intentions, we may find the courage or determination required to move in a direction or, alternatively, to be accepting of our present circumstances.

I welcome the opportunity to help guide you as you explore self and truer intentions in your efforts to identify, explore, and resolve the concerns which bring you to therapy. Our walk together may be long or it may be short. My focus, attention, and intention is to make it worthwhile.